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Studio Rasumowsky ist ein Kreativ Studio in Zürich. Art Direction, Branding, Branddesign, Webdesign, Illustration, Animation, Packaging Design und Grafik Design wird als Service angeboten. Für die Fischerstube Zürihorn wurde das ganze Corporate Design erstellt.


Commercio Gastronomie


Branding. Illustration. Logotype. Packaging. Symbol Design. Webdesign. Merchandising.

The project for Fischerstube, a traditional but modern restaurant by the lake of Zurich, started with winning a pitch against 2 other agencies. The task was to create a visual appearance that approaches everyone. From young to old, the aim was so find a balance between tradition and quality yet coolness. Studio Rasumowsky was managing all processes from researching producers for merchandising products to designing and implementing the website. Further projects with Commercio Gastronomie have been created since then as a result of a great partnership.


More Projects

BRERA Zurigo


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